Half-day rental
In the morning, rental start time 9.30 am, boat delivery time 1.30 pm.
In the afternoon, rental start time 2.00 pm, boat delivery time 6.00 pm.

Full-day rental
Full day start time rent 9.30 am, boat delivery time 6.00 pm

Every day except Wednesday.
From 1 June to 13 September every day including Wednesday.

Select the day of the rental and then the start time, 9.30 am or 2.00 pm and time of end of reservation 1.30pm or 6.00pm

Cost half day Euro 200
Full day cost Euro 240

JOKER 580 COASTER (without licence)

The Coaster 580 Plus is a concentration of details in less than 6 metres. The deck is designed to offer maximum space on board. Double sundecks fore and aft with padded sides and the possibility to be extended with an additional sun cushion. The comfort experience is truly extraordinary!
Small and manageable, the Coaster 580 plus is a boat that is easy to use and handle. It can be wheeled, it will follow you everywhere and will become your adventure companion providing you with space on board, good seaworthiness and ZERO stress. The Coaster 580 plus is light enough to accommodate engines even without a licence, making it a boat for everyone.

  • Length: 5,8 METRES
  • People capacity: 8
  • Maximum speed: 20 knots
  • Motor: 4-stroke outboard
  • Motor power: 40 HP
  • sunshade with stainless steel arches
  • small locker for stowing bags
  • depth sounder with water temperature indicator – Stereo radio with bluetooth system (to listen to songs from your phone)
  • USB socket to charge your phone or listen to songs from your phone
  • safety equipment kit (no. 8 lifejackets – no. 1 lifebuoy with 30 m rope)
  • n. 1 boat hook
  • n. 2 fender set
  • n. 2 ropes

Customers will be instructed on the correct use of the boat before leaving and urged to comply with safety regulations such as the use of special jackets supplied with the vehicle rental.
All boats are also equipped with mooring ropes, anchor, fenders, boat hooks, etc.
The boats are delivered clean, efficient and with a full tank of fuel, the user must make arrangements to return the boat in the same state, also re-filling it with fuel.

The rental price includes civil liability insurance and vehicle insurance. The immersed parts (stern or foot) are only partially covered by vehicle insurance. In the event of damage, repair or replacement is partially at the expense of the renter and an excess is applied as described in the contract. The propeller/s even if partially damaged will have to be paid for the full amount stated in the contract.

From: 200,00

Pay a 50% deposit per item